Is Bad Circulation In My Legs Just a Normal Part of Getting Older?

Many people are under the misconception that bad circulation in their legs is just another part of getting older. They don’t realize that in many cases, bad circulation is a fixable problem and there is treatment available. At Advanced Vein and Laser Center, we believe you deserve to live a fulfilling, comfortable life regardless of your circulation.

Countless adults are living with cold feet, dizzy spells, swelling, blotchy skin, headaches and many other symptoms as a result of poor circulation. They’ve accepted their condition as a painful truth of getting older, but the vein specialists at AVLC are determined to treat these symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Both women and men experience poor circulation as a result of smoking, lack of exercise, hereditary issues, or other lifestyle factors such as sitting at computer all day at work. A vein specialist can help to improve your circulation, treat your vein disease, and undo the damage.

Poor circulation is not a normal part of getting older, and you don’t have to accept it. You have the power to change your life once and for all, and we’re here to help you. There are many options to treat your poor circulation, and our doctors are extremely knowledgeable about modern treatments to improve circulation.
With vein disease it’s important to seek treatment sooner rather than later. Blood backflow and pooling of blood in the veins can create pressure that will cause your symptoms to worsen with time. Take your health into your hands and request a consultation today. Our experienced staff will be glad to set up a consultation so you can meet with our vein doctors to discuss your treatment options. They have successfully treated many conditions including varicose veins, spider veins, phlebitis, thrombosis and venous stasis ulcers.

We have many satisfied patients who have been treated for venous condition with minimally invasive options such as sclerotherapy and venous ablation. Our patients are always satisfied and will speak for our expertise. Your safety is our top priority, and our doctors are experts in getting you back on your feet as soon as possible.

At Advanced Vein and Laser Center, we’re determined to improve your quality of life. Our goal is for your time with us to be as comfortable as possible and we’ll do everything we can to make your experience ideal. You deserve the best treatment, and at AVLC vein center we’re confident we can offer it.

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