It Can Happen To Anyone: Spider Vein Causes and Treatments

Spider veins are small, red, purple or blue vessels that twist and turn throughout the skin. They are easily visible, mostly on the legs and face. Unlike most theories, it does not occur in just women or just women of a certain age. They are mostly harmless but can be unsightly. Luckily, with today’s technology, there is help available.

There are a number of factors that can make a person predisposed to these unsightly veins, although they can happen to absolutely anyone. There are not certain people who are immune to getting them, regardless of age or background. The factors that can make them more likely to occur include:

Other causes can include a trauma to the skin, vein surgery or certain exposure to UV rays.

Possible Complications
Although spider veins are mostly harmless and unsightly, they can also be a sign of some of other problems. Circulation problems can lead to a vein disease like deep vein thrombosis or chronic venous disease. These unsightly veins can lead to varicose veins, which are more uncomfortable, swollen blood vessels. Swollen veins can be a sign of blood clots or another vein disease. It is best to seek a doctor’s opinion if you start developing these problems.


There are various treatment options available to help treat spider veins. Aside from lifestyle changes and compression stockings, there is technology available to help. Treatments may include:

Advanced Vein and Laser Center of York and Lancaster specializes in spider vein and varicose vein treatments. Our advanced team of specialists can help you figure out the best method to solve your vein problems. Being well versed in the latest treatments allows us to put you on the best path back to a better you.

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