SculpSure Body Contouring: The Procedure That Melts Away Years of Stubborn Fat

What Is SculpSure™?

SculpSure™ Body Contouring is a new, hyperthermic laser treatment that quite literally melts away unwanted fat cells. This revolutionary procedure reduces stubborn fat found in the abdomen, as well as, other isolated areas on the body. This heat treatment affects fat in the subcutaneous layer of skin, which is then naturally expelled from the body within six to 12-weeks.

SculpSure Body Contouring

The SculpSure™ lipolysis system is an FDA-approved, hands-free hyperthermic contouring treatment that may be used to treat fat found in these areas: stomach, and love handles, muffin top, inner and outer thighs and back. This treatment does not involve the insertion of a cannula to suction fat, such as liposuction. Instead, a flat applicator is used externally, which allows for flexible placement. SculpSure™ treatments get rid of stubborn bulges by destroying fat cells.

How Does the SculpSure Body Contouring System Work?

The SculpSure™ system is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses laser energy to melt fat cells from pre-selected, underlying areas. This treatment doesn’t damage the skin. The fat cells are heated to a targeted temperature and are gradually removed by the immune system over the following weeks.

Am I a Good SculpSure™ Candidate?

You may be considered a good candidate for SculpSure™ treatments if you are near your ideal weight and in good physical condition. If you live a consistent lifestyle of eating healthy foods and exercising and have stubborn fat in your stomach, abdomen, back, thighs, or flanks, you may be a good candidate for thermal laser treatment.

Good candidates also have skin with elasticity, because skin with elastin will naturally contour to a newly-contoured, slimmer figure. The system’s heat may cause some tightening, but those with reduced elasticity or heavily-sagging skin may experience better results with another AVLC procedure such as Cellulaze or PrecisionTX.

SculpSure™ Benefits

There are significant reasons why thermal laser sculpting is a great choice.
• FDA-approved treatment
• Nonsurgical
• Requires zero downtime
• This is the only contouring procedure that needs just one session
• Immediate, significant results
• Uses Cooling™ technology that protects sensitive skin and limits discomfort
• Affordable
• Proven, satisfying results

Common Questions About SculpSure™

What Should I Expect During the SculpSure™ Procedure?

The SculpSure™ treatment is completed in just 25-minutes. The hands-free hyperthermic applicator is applied to the areas being treated, and thermal laser treatment is applied. The fat cells in each of the pre-determined treatment areas are simultaneously treated in the one single session. Patients are comfortable and may read or relax during the treatment, which feels like tingling, moderate warmth.

What Results Can I Expect to Achieve?

Equal fat is lost in each of the treated areas, and the results are very consistent. Most men and women experience a 20-percent reduction of fat cells in each of their treated areas. The treatment provides results that were unattainable with dieting and exercise alone.

When Will I See Results?

SculpSure Body Contouring results are seen immediately, and gradual improvements will continue over the next six to 12-weeks as the damaged fat cells completely break down and are naturally dissolved.

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