Vein Treatments: More Than a Cosmetic Procedure

Vein Treatments Are More Than Just a Cosmetic Procedure

Whether you found the Advanced Vein and Laser Center, with offices in Lancaster and York, through a friend who had great results, your family Physician or your own internet search, you are most likely interested in what our vein treatments can do for you. You may be longing for more youthful, lovely legs, free of unsightly spideror varicose veins. What you may not know, however, is that treating veins is more than a cosmetic procedure. It has numerous health benefits.

First, let’s take a few moments to discuss some of the non-cosmetic benefits of “cosmetic” procedures. While many dismiss cosmetic procedures are superfluous extras, they fail to consider that one’s appearance can have a huge impact on how one interacts with the world. Although age discrimination is declining, it still does exist and, let’s face it, varicose and spider veins are signs of aging. Therefore, many individuals have resorted to covering them with makeup or clothing. This is more than just an inconvenience; it can have an adverse impact on health. Those wearing makeup, which may run, or long clothing may be more likely to skip swimming or exercise altogether for fear of embarrassing exposure of the problem veins. In addition to reduced exercise, such individuals may also avoid close social contact, such as dating. This can make an already isolated, midlife divorcee feel even more alone. Cosmetic issues can have a terrible impact on one’s physical, emotional and social health.

In addition to cosmetic issues, varicose and spider veins can also cause long-term health issues. This is particularly true if the problem veins are in the deep layers of the skin and remain untreated. If your lower legs and ankles swell, are tired or feel restless, don’t just chalk it up to a long day at work. Get a vein assessment by one of our doctors. Vein treatments can correct many issues before serious health complications occur. For example, problem veins tend to become inflamed or are more likely to be sites of future clots. Such clots can become dangerous or life-threatening because they can become dislodged and travel to other locations, such as the lungs, where they can reduce the blood supply to a fatal level.

Another complication related to untreated problem veins are venous stasis ulcers. These are ulcers that appear on the surface of the leg when the blood cannot sufficiently drain. As is the case with other vein-related issues, the affected leg can become swollen, achy or tired and the ulcer can become an open wound. Since the skin is the first defense of the immune system, providing a protective barrier against harmful bacteria and viruses, an open wound is a potential entrance point for infection. This is particularly true if an open wound becomes a chronic condition and can lead to serious or possible fatal infections, particularly among the elderly, hospitalized individuals of any age or those who have compromised immunity.

If you have spider or varicose veins, now is the time to get them treated. Don’t wait for potentially life-threatening complications to develop. Learn more about our doctors or have a consultation with one of them today to find out how AVLC’s vein treatments can enhance your overall health and sense of well-being.

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