What Is the Precision TX Procedure?

Precision TX is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the use of a laser. It is primarily for contouring areas of the face like jowls, jaw and neck. The procedure gives results similar to that of a conventional facelift.

Ideal candidates – males and females – are typically in their 30’s to 50’s who have sagging skin on the face, neck and jaw line. Though the treatment is mainly used to treat areas of the face, it can also be used to get ride of excess fat above the knees.

Since the procedure is somewhat invasive it involves the use of local anesthetic to numb the area. Tiny incisions comparable to the size of a pen tip are then made under the skin. The laser releases heat energy, which melts unwanted fat cells and stimulates college production to help yield a youthful appearance. The procedure is typically painless; there is a feeling of a slight pressure on the area being treated. Some soreness may be experience post treatment, which resolves on its own within a few days. The procedure lasts about an hour and only one treatment is needed to achieve the desired look. Maximum results are visible anywhere between 3-6 months. Results from the procedure lasts a lifetime since the fat cells that are melted in the process are permanently destroyed.

Another benefit of Precision TX cosmetic procedure involves no stitches or scalpels and there is no scarring. With time, results continue to improve. This is definitely the go- to treatment to achieve a younger look compared to the conventional facelift procedure.

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