What is Vnus Radiofrequency Treatment?

What is Vnus Radiofrequency Treatment?

Vnus RadioFrequency Treatment is a less invasive and generally painless varicose vein treatment. The procedure is completed in our office using local anesthesia, which means that there is no need for hospitalization. The patient can walk immediately after the procedure and carry on with their regular activities within a day.

In this procedure, the physician closes the diseased vein and delivers electricity through the process known as ablation. The whole vein is ablated, and the blood flow is rerouted through healthier veins. Healthy circulation is reestablished while lessening the inflammation.

The patient is advised to wear compression stockings for a couple of days and is typically ready to return to work the next day.

This treatment may have minor side-effects, which may include:

• Allergic reaction to anesthesia

• Inflammation

• Lack of feeling on the treated area

• Short-term bruising

The Vnus Treatment is a safe and effective way of getting rid of ugly and painful varicose veins. They not only cause embarrassment, they also cause irreparable pain and can lead to more serious conditions.

Don’t wait for your varicose veins to worsen; consult with an AVLC Vein Specialist about your varicose vein problem.

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